Elly Tierney has been a downtown Annapolis resident and business owner since 2011 when she and her husband relocated from Washington DC.  They recently moved to Park Place after a decade of running a successful Bed and Breakfast out of their residence in the center of the historic district of Annapolis. 

In Elly’s first term she has consistently evaluated issues before the City Council through her professional perspective as a Civil Engineer and her career experience spent in commercial construction.  She applies her understanding not only of building, but of an aging city's physical needs and the multi-prong approach it takes to address them. Issues such as flooding, as-built deterioration, and sustainability of the downtown area, compounded with limited funds have been addressed in her four-year tenure. She believes that protecting Ward One historical fabric is not incompatible with economic possibilities for a more livable and vibrant downtown. "Last year’s partnership between Historic Annapolis and the Mayor has set us on the right path with a solution for flood control elevating City Dock to withstand generations of rising sea level. Within the same plan Annapolis will gain a welcoming green space for all, not just a paved parking lot. The aging Hillman garage is finally being addressed with a design for a new garage that includes opportunities for future adaptive reuse." 

Ward One residents consistently give Elly high praise for her email blasts, which are sent 4 to 8 times each month, informing constituents of city council agendas (with added explanations and insights), pending legislation, notices from the Office of Emergency Management, and other information that will affect the residents.  These notices have exemplified her slogan “Ward One Alderwoman – Your Advocate, Your Voice, Your Neighbor”.  Elly continually strives to be available for her community and to meet her goal to serve and inform and respond to her constituents.



Elly’s legislative achievements have aligned with her objective of minimizing code language where necessary and distilling it to enforceable code. She also currently serves on the Housing, Environmental and Transportation Committee.


Her sponsored legislation addresses the following issues:

  • Improving Moderately Priced Dwelling Units (MDPU)  

  • Ensuring sidewalk safety, as per ADA requirements   

  • Establishing department performance measures

  • Establishing an Affordable Housing Task Force

  • Addressing vacant properties and storefronts 

  • Enabling legislation for establishing Recovery Zones during the pandemic

  • Annual cap on liquor license fees to promote outdoor events

  • Optimizing parking revenues to support transportation budget 

  • Establishing an Office of Emergency Management

  • Addressing short term rental legislation in Conservation Zones 

  • Racial Injustice – Apology for Annapolis lynching of Henry Davis

  • Environmental initiatives-no net loss and stormwater revisions​

Legislation that has been drafted to be introduced in the future includes:

  • Establishing a resiliency authority vehicle to secure funding for the City Dock project

  • Introducing a leasing agreement allowing for Market Place outdoor dining to continue

  • Increasing the existing sprinkler revolving fund to incentivize Main Street commercial buildings to be fully protected within 5 years

  • Repeal the Urban Renewal legislation in the City Code 

  • 2022 Budget Ordinance which has transformed our budgeting process and reporting


Elly has been an untiring steward for Annapolis’ Historic District, focusing on downtown livability and a community that welcomes visitors.  “I recognize that residents are the livelihood of Annapolis.  They supported downtown businesses and restaurants through the pandemic shutdown, and provide the environment that attracts tourists and residents alike.” 
Looking to the future, her goals are to ensure City Code aligns with the Comprehensive Plan, focus on Smart Growth, improve storm water measures, and redevelop Harbor House and other city projects.  She is fiscally focused, and plans to use the new budget process to monitor spending, with the goal of avoiding tax increases. 
"I am excited about the future of Annapolis. This administration has established the groundwork to move forward with big plans: City Dock revitalization, addressing sea level rise, and completing a comprehensive plan that we will use to move forward. I want to be a part of that."
 “Most importantly, I look forward to maintaining my engagement with the residents of Ward One, keeping them informed and involved in the processes of government, as the City Council strives to meet their needs and plan for the future of our community.”



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I just want to say that having been a Ward 1 resident since 1973 that never before have I been so well informed by our alderperson about City Council and other city matters as you provide on a regular basis. Thanks for all you have been doing to keep residents informed.  Hope you will run for reelection.
Robert W.
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I have known Elly since she was elected.  She was not my first choice.  Since the election I have found out she should have been. 
I do not know her socially.  But with regards to politics she is her own person.  Neither a Democrat or Republican.  An Annapolitan for Ward and all of Annapolis first.
Alden S

Elly...I am a registered Republican...but when the time comes...YOU GET MY VOTE! Great info last night .... you two are a good team!

*  *  *  *  *  *  

As someone from a political family - my father-in-law Noah alderman for Ward One for 16 years and my husband a former mayor  - I appreciate intelligence, attentiveness and responsiveness in an elected official.  That's what I've always found in Elly, plus a commitment and energy for a job that's often thankless.

Lisa H

Ward One resident, 53 years


Alderwoman Elly Tierney has served her community with professionalism and compassion. Always communicative through her newsletters and e-mails, she accepts and acknowledges comments on all issues. Recently, during the unprecedented vaccine roll-out, Alderwoman Tierney supported my concerns and made appropriate contacts. As an independent, but more importantly as an Annapolitan who cares about my hometown, I enthusiastically endorse Alderwoman Tierney for another term.

Mark H


Elly really devotes herself to understanding the city issues on our behalf and then makes the good effort to communicate to her constituents(me!) on a regular and timely basis.  I do appreciate this dedication by her on our behalf.  And, she is also very good listener.  The result for us is of her being a better advocate both for us, and of us, on critical issues to the city.  We should all be grateful to her for her efforts on our behalf!
Phil R


July 27, 2021 --  Well, it’s official.  I do not have a primary candidate for Ward One Alderperson.  I’m relieved, as our issues need my 100% focus: 

Our downtown businesses are continuing to recover from an enormous stress test brought on by the pandemic.  Post pandemic energy is high and crime has increased.  We are in predevelopment of a major infrastructure project at City Dock and counting days before the long awaited Hillman garage replacement project.  So lots to look forward to,  and I need all of your attention and support.  These items aren’t political.  As President Joe Biden said, ‘I know if we come together there is nothing we can’t do.’ 


Thanks for your continued trust.  It is my privilege to serve you.  

Elly Tierney


August 27,  2021 -- Today, with serious challenges ahead -- a warming climate, unprecedented wildfires, and storms -- it is important to have the Sierra Club as the most enduring and infuential grassroots environmental organization in the United States.  I am therefore so proud to have received their endorsement today for my reelection as Alderwoman of Ward One.



August /September-- Door knocking / campaign                   sign distribution

September 19 -- Bloomsbury Square Cookout                       and Voter Registration 

September 21 -- Primary election 

October 3 -- Duke of Gloucester event

November 2 -- General election



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